Review : Chips n’ Dips

Chips n’ Dips commenced by Mr. Ossama. They offer wide range of healthy and tasty dips flavors influenced around the globe – for every sort of taste buds. You can smack the goodness of many countries through one platter. The flavors are purely homemade and healthy, ingredients are sourced from local markets. I personally liked all the dips but the Funky Fiesta remains to be my favorite.


They themselves produce most of the chips. Their chips are toasted and served fresh and tastes great at the same time! My favorite ones are nachos, graham crackers, french onion bread, lotus biscuits, colorful Doritos and corn chips.

Do visit them for quick, fuss free service to sooth your munching habits in the best way possible. They also do home delivery, so if you are planning to host a party, this snack would be a great choice to order.


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