Making a murderer short review

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Okay. Hold on. If you don’t know about this show then I don’t wanna know you people and I’m judging you guys so hard.

Making a murderer might be the best docuseries ever. Maybe after Cosmos. But that’s totally a different genre.

In the 2nd part of making a murderer, the story continues about Steven Avery and what happened after 2014 when part one came out.

A lot of developers have been made but sadly Steven is still in Prison and same with Braden who was convicted after a false confession.

I don’t get how the judges cannot see that it was a forceful confession and couldn’t figure out that Brendan is slow.

The lawyer who is taking care of Steven case now is good and she is discovering a lot of evidence which strangely his previous lawyers were not able to discover. How dumb were those two!

Only if she was his lawyer from the beginning, things would have been a lot different.

Spoiler Alert!

The biggest twist was when it was discovered that Brendan’s stepfather and brother might be linked to Teresa’s murder. Seriously what happened to her.

Maybe we’ll have to wait another 4 years. Or just follow their case on the news.

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