Learning new things the expensive way.

Learning new things the expensive way.

Daily Blog FortyTwo/365

The order has been placed and something incredibly awesome is on its way.

It’s fairly expensive, made of leather and gonna last for 100 years.

You can take your guesses for a while.

Okay Go









Got it? No?

I have ordered the new 2018 Flight Bag by Saddleback Leather Co. If you haven’t heard about this company. They make leather products of the utmost best quality.

Okay. So this blog post is not about the Saddleback leather bag but about how I have learned something new which I didn’t know or thought would be required a day ago.

The story goes like this,

Last weekend I was scrolling through my youtube feed and saw Saddleback leather has uploaded their new video. The video was around 12 minutes long which showed how they make leather iPhone covers.

In the beginning, there is text saying that Apple uses about 20% leather to make their iPhone leather case whereas Saddleback leather uses 100% leather. This got me excited to continue watching the video and see the full process.

In the related videos, there was a video which I had seen earlier named “How to Knock off a Bag” where the founder Dave explains to other manufacturers who were trying to knock off his bag that how to do it properly. And in that video, he explains what material they use to make bags. Seriously, the video is really impressive.

The bag that I have ordered it for 560 USD + Shipping and customs. So yes, it’s an expensive bag.

With this new purchase, I am learning everything I need to know about leathers. of course, I could have gained all the knowledge without spending a dime but by only watching videos on youtube. But the bag will be worth it.

For starters, now I know different types of leather, tanning processes used, which one to buy and how to check leather quality before buying.

In time, I will learn about how to keep it maintained with leather milk and leather balm.

I did a ton of research before clicking the Checkout button and with that, I have learned something new and useful as well.

See you Tomorrow


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