First ever card game I’m excited about.

First ever card game I’m excited about.

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I have never enjoyed playing cards game.

Frankly, they require too much concentration and it gives me a headache. And also, cards are a lucks game. So I consider it as a waste of time.

Though recently I have started playing Monopoly Deal and it is a fun little game.

I have always liked to play Monopoly but it needs time. A single game of Monopoly can last up to 3–5 hours which is nuts. I can finish half of a series in that time. Anyways, unlike Monopoly, Monopoly Deal is quick and keeps you active.

A friend of mine introduced me to this game and at that time I didn’t think much of it. maybe because I didn’t get the rules completely. But a few weeks back I played it again and now I am hooked to it. I keep a deck in my car all the time. You never know when you find the urge to do sheesha. it is a perfect game with Sheesha.

The rules of the games are mostly nothing like the Monopoly you and I have known. Rather they are simple and keeps you at the edge of your seat from the beginning. The game can be played between 2–5 persons. I wonder if you can play it with more than 5 people with an additional deck. Just like night only me and family played 5 games of it which lasted the only a couple of hours.

Great game.

Two thumbs up.

Now, just wait for a month for an update to this post.

I cannot stand playing or watching Monopoly Deal.

See you Tomorrow


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