New Netflix Original Next Gen is what Apple might be in the Future

New Netflix Original Next Gen is what Apple might be in the Future

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So, I and my wife decided to check out Netflix’s latest addition to their plethora of Original movies. This one was the animated movie, Next Gen.

This article is not a review per se on the movie but a few thoughts I had while watching the movie I felt like sharing with everyone. I hate writing about movie synopsis. If you want to know about the movie, what’s it about. Click here.

The movie starts with Justin Pin, a billionaire launching their new robot Gen 6 and people are going crazy. They want it right now. They need it, more than their children apparently. Hey, I didn’t say it, the movie did. Seriously, there is a scene in the movie where the mother is so excited about getting the new robot that she forgot about her daughter with whom she was standing in the queue. I couldn’t help myself but connect the resemblance with Apple Events. Hey, I get super excited when they launch a new iPhone. But the movie is an exaggeration of our imagination and that too it was an animated movie. So they had to take it a little far.

First thing I found the connection between the movie and apple that how they hype their new launches. Like in the movie the CEO Justin Pin (the name itself doesn’t rhyme with Tim Cook but I see a connection. Tim Cook. Justin Pin. YOU SEE? Anyway, so Justin Pin says that this new gen robot will change the world forever. I mean, I don’t know. In the movie, they already portray that we, humans, cannot live without robots anywhere. Even the toilets were robots and would talk to you.


There was a funny thing too that I noticed. Sure, they have exaggerated everything and how in the future robots will be everywhere and will become the new norm. But the robot Project 77 (project 77 was created a mad scientist who was trying to save the world from what Justin Pin had in mind) damaged its memory storage and couldn’t keep memories for long as it was low on memory on internal memory and each night would sit and decide which memory to delete. The movie tried to connect the audience with the robot and relate to it. But that didn’t happen. You are not Ratatouille movie Next Gen. Back to low memory, how come there is no cloud service in the future? On one hand, you are creating the state of the art, laser shooting, flying robot and not have cloud storage. Right now I get unlimited cloud storage if I want. So that felt kind of stupid to me.

Okay. I will mention a few lines if I liked the movie or not. It was a movie I would watch sitting at home. It wasn’t like BIG 6 which was an amazing movie and I feel the movie tried to be somewhat like that with its chase scenes and sound effects. I would give NextGen 2.5/5

See you tomorrow Cheers

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