How to create more time.

How to create more time.

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This one may be a simple one to process but we all have a hard time figuring it out. the question we all ask ourselves or at least it’s is the #1 excuse there can be. “I don’t have time” “I cannot get time to do this or that”. I have faced this issue more than once and knowing the solution to this, still, I falter every time. the secret to creating time is simple. What is the secret? consciously plan your time. see your time as something valuable. Make it something that is important to you and to others. then you may ask how would one do that? what I do is I create a monthly plan. I have my monthly goals, weekly tasks, daily activities planned and in the end planned by hours. this may seem like a tedious job but it is really quite easy if you start with the big picture. Creating time is the same as getting to a meeting 15 mins before time. creating time is the same as waking up 30 mins early. Creating time is getting to bed 15 mins early. whoa. what? getting to bed early is creating time? Get out of here. yes, it is. Okay, let’s start. First getting to a meeting 15 mins early. that means fewer jitters which means your mind is more focused on the work at hand. next is waking up 30 mins early. this is a classic, no doubt. anyone who is into productivity would say that. morning time is the best time to exercise, read, write or just plan for your day. Even getting to bed early is also a trick to create more time for you. if you plan your day properly and fix a time to go to bed, you are making time for yourself by having quality sleep which you wouldn’t have if you were didn’t have time to sleep.

Now let’s talk about how I plan my day. I bed I have written about that in my one of my previous article on how I plan my month. In an excel I make a column of the daily important work tasks. then I would create a row with the name of the weekdays so that I have my headers. then I start adding the number of minutes I will be devoted to that task. during this process, I spend some time so that I keep work exciting and don’t get bored. thought I have 9 work hours in a day, I usually keep it to 300 mins per day i.e. 5 hours which I think is more than enough of the concentrated and focused work day. I assign 2 hours, one by noon and then another hour after lunch for replying to emails because I get a lot of emails. I know, its hard to escape emails these days. then rest is usually about getting other tasks done but managing in a way so that every alternate day I am doing something different. For my personal work, I assign not more than 2-3 hours. rest is leisure time.

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