How Netflix is spoiling watching movie experience.

How Netflix is spoiling watching movie experience.

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I know most of the people would agree that Netflix is just killing it lately. shows after shows and each one of them is top notch and entertaining. they are picking up on consistency in delivering quality original movies as well. So don’t be fooled by the title, I love Netflix. it’s not a click but I mean I have written. I love watching an interesting movie on Netflix here and there or starting an original Netflix show. I have a problem with some movies and shows where they are necessary to be seen in cinemas to get the full experience. let’s take an example of the movie by Annihilation starring Natalie Portman, what an amazing movie. the story, the twists, direction and especially the CGI were really good. though while watching the movie I couldn’t stop but think of this movie being played in theatres. How amazing would that be!!.

Imagine watching a movie like Gravity at home. no way you are going to love it as much you would like it watching it on the big screen. recently I bought A Quiet Place and Hereditary to watch at home. I had already seen those movies in theatre already but because they were so good I wanted to watch it once again with my parents. they didn’t like any of the movies. Why? you may ask. simple reason, they were not as fun as watching on the big screen. Hell, I didn’t like watching it. first all, at home, we kept the volume low because horror films are like that. they would whisper when they are talking and increase the volume even at the sight of a new character. BHOOOT!! (ghost).That was the case of Hereditary. And it was somewhat the same experience in watching A Quiet Place. almost wrote A Quiet Palace.

This article is no direct attack on Netflix and asking them not to make such movies and shows. and ya, their recent movie Cargo can also be added to the collection of great watches.

The other giant “Amazon Prime Video” is also accelerating in producing quality content for us. I would like to thank Prime Video, it’s because of them I was able to watch The Office (the best show ever)

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