Accountability vs Responsibility

Accountability vs Responsibility

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A simple logic and the key to resolving most of the issues. Only if everybody understands what it really means. I will give you an example.

Say you made a sale of USD 50,000 and your invoice and the product/services were also delivered on time. Your company has a team of people who would send a reminder to your customer to remind them of the payment due date. now if the due payment passes and you come to know that it has been a while and the customer is past the due date by 10 days, don’t go after the people who were sending reminders to the customer. it was their RESPONSIBILITY to send reminders to the customer but you are ACCOUNTABLE to get the payment on time.

This is just a small instant which we face at work daily. if you think more about this simple logic, you will get a better sense of what its potential is. practically any altercation, discussion, the dispute can be resolved with this. Just make sure people know if they are responsible for a task for accountable. When it comes to sales, almost everything concerning a sale comes under Sales person accountability.

Accountability is always above responsibility. no matter which field you are in. even be it in your personal life. this simple funda (principle) is all you need to prioritize stuff, maintain a relationship, etc.

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