Consuming vs Producing

Consuming vs Producing

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This topic as it is is a wide subject with a never-ending tale.

“Am I doing my best?”

“Am I managing my Time properly?”

Questions like these elude me to think about how much time am I really spending on Consuming content rather than producing. the number was devastating. apart from work hours, most of my time is spend consuming. not saying consuming is wrong, in fact, it’s very essential to produce content.

I have been consuming content all my life. though I feel I have produced more content than an average human. apart from the fact that it does make me feel good, there is always that feeling of doing less.

So how much content I must have produced till now? Fairly good amount but not enough. I have made videos, written several articles about various topics, shared photos with the world to admire, productive ideas to help me and others. But that is definitely not enough.

My consumption of Netflix, Prime Video, and Youtube has to come down. I cannot just stop consuming respective platforms content, but minimize it. Most of my producing contents come from these sources.

Consuming Time

  • For inspiration
  • In dedicated leisure time.
  • Commuting
  • If it compliments producing time.

Producing Time

  • 2 hours at least daily

What can you do in those 2 hours?

Again, a broad subject. the way I see it is producing something which can be consumed by others. So, exercise doesn’t count. Writing a blog, editing a photo counts. taking a photo doesn’t count if you are not planning to share it.

How can you plan Producing Time?

Don’t burden yourself with producing 2 hours daily of anything. Starting planning for the next month and by the end of the month, you should have a clear picture of where you are going to spend those 2 hours. Like I have several things on my bucket list that I want to produce but putting all of them in next month would be unwise. I already have this, writing an article every day. On top of that, I will add one more daily tasks I will work on.

Benefits of Producing Content.

  • The sense of achievement.
  • Polish skills
  • Personal and Professional Growth.
  • Explore your Talent

Give it a shot.

See you Tomorrow


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