22 Pushups Everday vs. No Pushups

22 Pushups Everday vs. No Pushups

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If you are following me since last 32 blogs, you know that I am currently into my 22 pushups everyday challenge. Here are a few updates on that. (Don’t ask me about my 50 kms running trial). that is a disaster.

So within the beginning of the month, it was a struggle, it was difficult for me to even complete 10 pushups. But gradually I gained stamina and now can complete 22 pushups in a single set. Next month I am thinking of probably pushing the challenge to 30 pushups. 30 also should be reasonably comfortable. Maybe in October, I can do the challenge of 50 pushups every day.

As I said, I wanted to share what has changed by doing pushups. The results are there no doubt about that. But they would have been even higher if I had been doing the running challenge as well.

Benefits of doing 22 pushups every day

  • Building upper body strength
  • The sense of accomplishment every day

Disadvantages of doing 22 pushups every day

  • Not much fat burn.
    • This may sound stupid, but I thought it will help me lose some inches as well.

Pushup exercise is somewhat is a lightweight activity and on top of that doing only 22 pushups is not going to help much in the long run. But maybe slowly ascending the number might do a good thing. Imagine if I can complete 200 pushups every day in about 3 minutes, that’s a whole workout in itself.

BTW I can do 22 pushups in an average time for 25 secs.

See you Tomorrow


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