Why Meetings can be a waste of time?

Why Meetings can be a waste of time?

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You have 24 hours in a day, and from that you spend minimum 11-12 hours for your job comprising of getting ready, traveling and work time. Out of these, you may have 8 or 9 hours of working hours. See you plan 2 meetings on a Monday, I bet you could have achieved a lot more if you hadn’t gone for those meetings.

This may seem like I am totally against doing meetings. No, I’m not. I am against doing sessions for the sake of it when it can be avoided. I’m talking about doing effective meetings.

Meetings are essential for building a relationship and nurturing your clients. Sessions help put a face to communication and building trust.

How do you know if the meeting will be worth it?

  • If it’s an introductory meeting, then yes, it’s worth spending time.
  • if it’s a high priority case for you, then meeting the customer once or twice a month is a good idea.
  • if the matter to discuss is urgent and telephone won’t suffice, then okay, go ahead and have a meeting.

The internal meetings can also be wastage of your time. If the agenda is not set and you are inviting people just because they are in office at that time is stupid. When you are organizing a meeting, first ask yourself if is it really worth others time as well.

How to conduct a productive meeting?

Irrespective of the topic of the meeting. Any meeting can be and should be conducted as efficient and productive as possible. here are a few tips

  • Set definite agendas and make sure to communicate the same to all the attendees.
  • Send Meeting invitation so that everyone comes prepared.
  • Take Notes – No matter how small the meeting or the discussion importance is, always take notes.
  • Post meeting diligence – Send Minutes of Meeting to all the attendees with a confirmed Next Action Plan. Never ever miss this,

All said and done, meetings are essential. They might not be that productive or usage of your time, but in today’s world they are considered as a critical tool just like emails.

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