Why am I not doing the things that I’m supposed to do?

Why am I not doing the things that I’m supposed to do?

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Everyone knows what’s best for them but still, we don’t do it. Like it’s a no-brainer that waking up earlier than everyone in the house helps you to be creative and you get to spend my time without anyone bothering you. No customer asking you to provide a solution for their urgent matter. (It’s always critical. It’s like one day realize they need training. Urgently)

Am I suppose to wake on early? You might answer No. But is that the right answer? The correct answer is never easy.

Exercising is essential and is a no-brainer that it should be done daily. Still, we don’t. Why? Too lazy. Just giving 15 mins of the day is sooo tight. Strange, right? What is the correct answer to anything nowadays? I wanna buy clothes online and the ones I see the models wearing in the ad. But it’s hard for me to visualize myself in those clothes. I wish to get a body like that. Of course, I do. But the app asking effort is something I don’t wanna spend. I can definitely afford it, but for some reason, I decide I don’t want to invest my energy there. Instead, I’m happy to buy clothes which may or may not look good at me.

How about I work my ass out in the gym for a couple of months and then go shopping? I bet I will be saving a lot. Because if I’m fit, it won’t matter to me what am I wearing because anything would look good on me. The concept of wearing something trendy and fashionable will fade away.

Why can’t we spend time on tasks at work which will produce the most results? Like making cold calls. Everyone knows that’s the most basic and prominent part of the sales job. But the most neglected because it’s not easy. If I can spend 1 hour every day just to make cold calls to new customers for a month. I won’t need to find new clients for a good number of years I think. Knowing is not enough though. Doing it. Cold calling is not natural. It’s frustrating and gets be demotivating. 60 mins may sound not much in a workday. But doing cold calls, every minute is dreadful.

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