A Quick Look at My Notion App Setup: August 2018 Edition

A Quick Look at My Notion App Setup: August 2018 Edition

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Another one talking about Notion app, my favorite productivity app as of now. I wanted to give a quick overview of how my setup looks like as of mid of August 2018.

I was able to come this far because of several pages inside the main page and using the template feature.


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 00.48.19


This is the most important page of all. This is where I dump everything all day and sort out in the evening time.

The Everyday Brew

In this page, I have a few other pages where to manage these blogs and write blog ideas as they come in my head.

Personal Goals of 2018

a page for all my long-term plans and what I want to achieve in this year.


create a log of each expense and plan for a vacation, paying off debt, etc.

Shopping List

I have shared this list with my wife where she can also add stuff on the shopping list. And when we go shopping, everything that we need is in front of us single click away.

Task Board

In this page, I am managing a board which acts somewhat like Trello. A must-have for me to complete my daily tasks.


this is to queue everything that I can do in my leisure time like Books to Read, Movies to Watch, Videos to Watch, TV Shows to Watch and Articles to Read

Important Documents

Any crucial documents of mine go in this page.

Personal Info

a handy page where I save all my personal info which I can share with anyone if necessary.


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 00.47.59


It’s a table where I manage all the quotations sent to the customers, their status and how profit I will be making the end of the day. It’s a pretty complicated table with links to other pages.

Subscription Renewal

to track upcoming renewal cases on a daily basis

Gross profit

To track my monthly and annual achievement. This list is useful at the end of each month and year.

Goals – Monthly

An essential page for me. This is my bible to get everyday work completed. I have assigned time to each of the profile work with days I have to perform them. This list gets me through the day.

Meeting Notes

here I write all the meeting notes with the customers or stakeholders in real time.

Contact Database

Everything is here about my customers. Contacts, company documents, etc.

Business Cards

Just take a picture and save the details for future reference. I don’t like to keep a hard copy of business cards.

Work Ideas

Whenever I think of a plan to make my or my team’s workflow easy. I add it here. I also combine new techniques I learn about making sales.

Professional info

Same as Personal Info for Professional.

Please note here that it is not that simple, these pages. I am still working on making my system better to work with every day.

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