What is in my bag?

What is in my bag?

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I am a sales professional, so I avoid carrying a backpack. Instead, I rock Asos Design laptop bag in brown. There are a few essential things I take in it every day.

1. MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)

I know, it’s not the most powerful MacBook out there by any means, but it gets the work done. Even editing full HD video on Final Cut Pro is not that bad. Storage is an issue for me though as it had on 256 SSD. I would like to save all my photos on the MacBook as well as on the cloud, but I cannot and have to use external storage for that. Therefore, editing pictures is a real challenge.

2. LaCie Rugged Mini 2 TB USB 3.0 External HDD

This external drive gets the job done for me. I have made two partitions in it. One is of 1.6 TB and the other one for 400 GB. in 1.6 TB partition I have stored Photos Library. So, I have to stick this in my MacBook every time I need to access my 110,000+ photos and videos. What I like about this External HDD is that its rugged and has been giving consistent last almost 3 years.

3. Sony RX100 Mark V

You had this one coming. I always need to have a camera with me other than my phone all the time. And Sony RX100 Mark V is the best one of the best point and shoot camera. It’s handy and compact. Easy to use and click best pictures and shoots fantastic videos.

4. Shure Mic MV88

I barely use it, but I want to have it with me if I need it. As you know, I want to start recording podcasts soon. Just to start small, I will be using Shure Mic MV 88 for it. The device is simple to use and just goes in the iPhone’s lightning port and can be controlled using Shure Motiv iOS App.

5. A couple of headphones. (3.5 mm jack and Lightning cable EarPods)

3.5 mm Headphone jack for my MacBook and the other one for the iPhone.

See you tomorrow


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