The Concept of being Productive on Vacation

The Concept of being Productive on Vacation

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So there is this idea that has fascinated me; “Productive Vacation,” this vacation is not only to relax or have fun but also do to something productive. I would love to go on a holiday just to be creative and get things done which I have been postponing only because it’s too damn dull or requires thinking outside the box. Writers and Authors do it all the time for creative thinking and to get ideas.

What would I wanna do on a Productive Vacation?

Oh man! I don’t travel much, but I want to have a Productive Vacation once in at least 6 months. I want to write articles which I am not writing right now. I want to write more about travel and different cultures. I want to improve my writing (a lot). Work on my blog and get creative with the layout and experiment with ideas in general.

How refreshing it would be if I can do more videos? Creating Content especially making and editing videos is what I love the most. Crisp slow motion travel videos, fun restaurant videos, and unusual places videos. I have big plans with The Everyday Brew Blog.

The only time I am willing to take work outside office time.

I come up with plans to make my work process more manageable for the team or at least for me, and this requires some serious creative thinking, reading and learning new things. Most of this I am able to do in work hours by setting aside 30 mins for a few days for this purpose. But there are times I wished I had some new perspective, a new way of thinking. That’s where a Productive Vacation might be useful.

Maybe I have a big account to crack and need to come up with a perfect 3 months plan of being persistent. I would love to go on a Productive Vacation for that. Most of the times these kinds of essential things get postponed because we are burdened with that next “at the moment” urgent task.

What is stopping me?

Yes, that’s the question. If I say time, that would be complete BS. If I say that I cannot afford to travel that much. It might be true to some extent but still doesn’t count as a valid reason in my head. I can just go to a resort in a nearby city and relax and be productive. And the reason for this is the same as for everything else in our life. “I DON’T KNOW.” I don’t know why I am gaining weight for the last 6 months. Of course, I know because I did not exercise, you won’t be a genius to tell me that.

I hope I plan a Productive Vacation soon.

See you tomorrow


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