The Power of Inbox in Task Management and in Note Taking Method.

The Power of Inbox in Task Management and in Note Taking Method.

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In every task management, you can create “n” number of lists and projects to make your work simpler. But the list on the top should be INBOX.

What is Inbox list?

In Inbox, you will dump everything. That’s the first step to every task management method. You need a dumping ground for all the things and more that is going on in your head. To save important documents, web clips, videos to watch, books to read, etc., you need Inbox for all this.

Why Inbox is Important?

Sure you can add tasks in their respective lists whenever it comes to your head, but that’s not what productivity is about. Productivity is about not getting overwhelmed and get into a routine. Adding everything in one list is always better. You need a space where you can just bombard with tasks and whats going in your brain. You are more likely to forget your chain of thought if the time gap is even 20 seconds between noting down responsibilities. Sometimes you may not know or don’t have time to add an essential document lets say your Car Insurance copy in Important Documents list. Just save the file in the inbox, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

What to do with Inbox?

This is the most exciting part of all besides actually doing the tasks. Taking out 15 mins in the evening and sorting each and every job. I have time dedicated for this everything day. In that time I get to be creative with managing my tasks and coming up with different ways to be productive. In the end, you want everything to be accessible and completing tasks.

Missing this daily ritual can be dangerous. Soon you will realize that you have too many tasks in Inbox and will lose trust in the system

Get in this habit, you will be doing your future self a big favor.

See you tomorrow


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