Apps I Use To Edit Photos On My iPhone

Apps I Use To Edit Photos On My iPhone

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Editing pictures on the go is the best way to pass the time and be creative at the same time. Today I posted a view on how I straighten my images on Lightroom and in the end shared the picture in Instagram Stories with a filter on top. Few people replied to the story asking which filter did I use.

Basically, when I am editing pictures on my iPhone, I use two apps only.

  1. Adobe Lightroom CC
  2. VSCO X

1. Adobe Lightroom CC

I use Lightroom for basically only 3 features.

  • To straighten the pictures
  • Apply AutoCorrect and
  • Healing function

It might take some time to get habituated on how to straighten a picture, but with little practice, desired results can be readily achievable.

The AutoCorrect function is useful and quite sturdy. I apply Auto-Correction to almost every picture and the result never disappointed.

Healing feature is used only when required. If I want to remove someone or something from a shot, it can be done with Healing feature.

One more thing, Adobe Lightroom CC for iPhone support RAW picture editing.


I had used VSCO earlier as well after reading rave reviews on the app. But I never took the app seriously enough as it only had filters. Gave it another shot recently because FOMO is a bitch. I didn’t want to be left behind when everyone is talking about this app. This time the filters appealed to me maybe because my perspective about filters has changed. VSCO adds film effect to the image. It has a filter for every camera. You can even make your own recipe of a filter. The editing engine is powerful and with a plethora of options. And ya, VSCO X does video editing too. Same filters are available to edit videos as photos.

If you are editing photos and videos on your iPhone and not using these apps and still get the results that you want. Then good for you because both of these apps are paid.

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