Working with Notion: Stuff I learned about Notion in 2 days

Working with Notion: Stuff I learned about Notion in 2 days

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Templates, Task Management, Is An Issue And Magic On Importing

These are a few things I learned about Notion which might not be evident at first glance to a user. One of the features might change the way I work. (it’s that awesome)

Creating Templates

There are a few pre-installed Templates in Notion app, and they keep adding them on a regular basis. Creating a template is quite comfortable as well. Check out the link to learn for yourself.

I was struggling with how can I create a page named Blog Ideas and what how would I align blocks in that. After some trial and error method and found a workaround which is efficient and at the same time simplistic.

I created a Template named “Add a New Blog Idea” and kept 2 necessary things, Heading and Bullet list.

Writing the blogs as well, I created a template that’s again comprised of few elements. Header, blog title, and research notes on the side (if required)

Lacking Task Management Capabilities.

Notion has a template for lightweight todo list but lacks if you want the power for a full fletched Task Management app. Sure, you can create Boards like Trello and do your task management, but Board system is not for me. I am still looking for a workaround on how I can manage my tasks in Notion. A way that is productive and simple at the same time. I want something that can be done in a minimum number of clicks.

Import Excel or CSV file and see the magic.

This single feature might change everything. The data is sensitive, so I cannot share a screenshot of my work and how excel importing feature works. So basically to import an excel which has dates, for, e.g., if you can have excel of all your clients with dates on when their annual maintenance contract is expiring along with product details and number of units. Once you import this file to Notion, it automatically detects the contact gives you excel table in Notion. The magic is when you change the view to Calendar view, those clients names will be displayed in the calendar on their respective contract end dates. Then inside setting under Properties, you can choose what you want to see along with the customer name in the Calendar view. There is a log more data I was able to look at different views. Of course, you can just put filters in excel and view the information you want, but I won’t be like this.

See you tomorrow


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