Notion App: One App To Rule Them All.

Notion App: One App To Rule Them All.

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I am always curious to try new apps, mostly they are productivity apps. The app I am working now on is Notion.

As you know, I am a user of Evernote and OmniFocus to organize my life. in fact I have written more than a couple of blogs on each of those apps and how they contribute in my daily workflow. The latest app that I am trying now is called Notion. This app has everything. It can be my CRM for work, writing app, task management app, note-taking, everything you might be using a separate app for. in short this app is The One. I gave it a try about a couple of months back but found it too overwhelming for my work. I am giving this app another try as now I am setting it up from scratch to suit my personal and work life. I remember even my first try at Evernote was a fail. It was in the second try that I succeeded.

Talking about the Notion app. This app has all the features you would want. But it is up to you how you want to design it.

You might be a designer, blogger, sales professional, doctor or a scientist. This app can serve you the way you want it to. Notion started out small with a lot of potentials. The early adopters are gaining real value from this service. I will be testing the app for a week for all my work and personal requirements. It is a bit scary to move away from Evernote, OmniFocus, iA Writer and use Notion for all those purposes. Yes, Notion can potentially take over my 3 best productivity apps. If it does, I will be the happiest person having to manage only one app instead of three.

It’s like managing everything on a website. (or on a social platform)

The design is simple, and you can add a cover picture and an icon to every page you add along with the description. In the end, the page looks like your Facebook wall. I will be doing a video to show off my workflow once I get the hang of the service. I am using free plan for now with limited upload size and 1000 blocks. Blocks are like a section to add your content. I think 1000 blocks should be more than enough to get on top of using this app.

BTW this article was written on Notion app and not iA Writer.



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