Productivity Apps That I Use Daily.

Productivity Apps That I Use Daily.

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These are the apps that I use daily and not a single day goes by without them

1. Evernote

This is my go-to note-taking app. Be it taking meeting notes, jotting down an idea, making a business plan or keeping my documents in one place. Evernote is the app for me. The features that it offers are amazing, and anybody can benefit from it no matter how they want to organize their work and home. Evernote has been my digital for 3 years now, and anything I need is easily accessible with its powerful search engine.

Check out more of what I have to say about it here

2. Omnifocus

The lord of all task management apps. OmniFocus follows David Allen’s GTD method workflow to complete the tasks. This app is so powerful that it can be overwhelming if you use it before proper training on the app features and GTD method in general. Small or big, each task goes in this app and then sorted every evening before I go to bed. GTD method, in particular, has helped me a lot in organizing my life. It compliments well with my Evernote workflow.

I have more to say about the app. Check it out here.

3. Overcast

I don’t need music when I have Overcast. Not to get wrong here, I do love music, but when I’m driving and feel like to be productive, I listen to podcasts on Overcast. Few of the best features of this app are the offline listening mode, Auto Speed, and Auto Volume.

Read more about how I feel about Overcast here.

4. Tide

This is my multipurpose app. For focusing on work. Getting to sleep at night. Meditating. This app does everything. But not in a way you might think. Its a simple app with nature sounds that help you relax focus and sleep better. I follow the rule of 4 sessions of 30 mins work with 5 mins break after each session and 15 mins break after 2 hours of focus mode. For sleeping, I sleep for 7 hours every day and wake up gently to nature’s sound.

Check out how I use Tide app for work here.

5. iA Writer

I am writing this blog on iA Writer. A simple beautifully designed app for MacOS and iOS lets me write on and on without any distraction. Sure, I gave a thought of writing my blog drafts in Evernote as well. The reason why I use iA Writer because it’s made for writing and I love it. I love that I don’t have to use my mouse as it supports markdowns. I can share the article to my Medium and WordPress accounts directly from the app.

You can read more about iA Writer here. Enjoy

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