What’s The Thumb Rule Of Doing The Right Thing?

What’s The Thumb Rule Of Doing The Right Thing?

The answer is simpler than you think.

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We have all made mistakes in our life. Some are big and some small. Moreover, after the error was made, we ask ourselves “Did I do the right thing?” most of the time the answer you will get is NO. if the answer is yes, then it is not a mistake.

The simple rule to doing the right thing is asking yourself one simple question, “What is the right thing to do?” the answer that will come from within might be tedious and time-consuming, but it will be the right thing to do.

Doing the right thing at work.

In your profession, you will face challenges almost every day. Just making a conscious effort and asking yourself one Golden question will let you focus on the task.

So many times it has happened in sales, I procrastinate about doing cold calling. When I know, it is the right thing to spend some time every day for cold calling to new prospects. Even a recent article I read stated that to reach a six-figure salary, you should be willing to do things no one is ready to. Also, I bet not everybody is prepared to ask them “What is the right thing to do?”. You can even tweak the question based on the task at hand. You can change the question to “Is this the best use of the time?”

Never underestimate your value. You are important. So your time as well. People love to delegate work. Maybe that constant nag from your colleague asking you something you have no business in. Perhaps they are asking for your help with some work. Whats the right thing to do in this situation? What I would do is first check how much work do I have on hand at the moment. Based on that I will give ETA on when I will be able to help them out. Moreover, if they are okay with it, I can add their work to my schedule. I will make sure that they send me an email regarding the job keeping my reporting manager in cc and once I do their job, I can reply to that email. This will be the right thing to do from my side. I do not want to say no as I want to be considerate.

However, what if my boss gives me some work that is not related to my profile. I will follow the same thinking but try to provide them with less ETA. Maybe to some, that will not be the right thing to do, and it is fine. You do not want to make your boss unhappy which might lead to an argument wasting everybody’s time. Never argue with your boss, you will lose more than an argument.

Never argue with your boss, you will lose more than an argument.

Have 100s of emails to reply to, but you know you have a prepare a proposal for biggest deal of the month which might take an hour or more. In this situation, it may feel like replying to emails at first and then start with the proposal. For me, the right thing would be to prepare the quotation first.

Got an article to write on which you will need to research the subject and it might take a couple of hours. On the other hand, you have to edit a few pictures. I like editing photos, which I do in my spare time. Research is not so fun so I might edit photographs first at the expense of what’s important.

“What is the right thing to do?”

This simple question can do so much more than helping you to complete a task. I use this to plan my week, organize my notes and tasks, gives me a clear understanding of how should I prioritize my work.

The personal benefits of this are endless. It will help you nurture relationships, socialize better, plan your expenses better, time management, and the list goes on.

Writing this past midnight asked myself should I sleep or write my blog for the day.


See you tomorrow.

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