Why IGTV is Stupid?

Why IGTV is Stupid?

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When Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 Billion in cash and stock, it was just a photo sharing app. Since then, it becomes so much more. It is not only undoubtedly the most popular photo sharing social service in the market, but the most valuable. It is a platform for everything. Be it a social gathering, business, tv shows or movies, blogging, events, etc., in the list of “things to do,” creating an Instagram profile is there. For me, an amateur writer, photographer, and a blogger, maintaining an Instagram profile is a must.

And then Instagram launched IGTV. I don’t know if the sole purpose is to compete with Youtube, but that has to be one of the motivations.

How IGTV Works?

You can directly click on IGTV button on the Instagram app to view IGTV videos uploaded by your friends. To add a video you will need to download the IGTV app though. As you open the IGTV app, the first video from your friends will start playing. The video limit is 60 mins for now.

Whats Wrong With IGTV?

Just the design of the app. As soon as you open the app, you’re blasted with a video. There is no way you can view the list of videos so you can choose which video you wanna play. Therefore your first impulse is to swipe on the screen, and there you go, another video starts playing. That’s why it feels like you’re viewing Instagram stories, just more extended format. I have yet to find someone who has seen a full video on IGTV. They say the sweet spot to upload a video is 3 to 5 minutes. In IGTV I feel it should be in seconds. And if you’re gonna upload videos of seconds long. Then better just upload in your stories. There are a few great apps to shoot vertically and can be edited for storytelling. One such app is Spark. I’ve played it for few of my videos, and there is a slight learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of it after shooting one video.

Another thing I feel wrong is with vertical videos. Can it really compete with horizontal videos? If your argument is why am I comparing them, then my reply is why do you need it at all. Give me one instance where you would prefer watching a YouTube video or Instagram video. You get no screen real estate. No information of the surrounding. Maybe to shoot Burj Khalifa fireworks? But even that won’t be enough. I would like to watch Burj Khalifa fireworks horizontally to get the complete view and perspective.

How can they improve?

First thing, revamp the app. Completely. It’s a stupid app with even worse implantation. Make it more like YouTube maybe. You copied Snapchat perfectly. It wouldn’t hurt to replicate some of Google. Don’t just blast the videos on my face when I open the app. Make it less like Instagram stories and more like Instagram feed wall maybe. Buy Spark and add their video editing features to the app. IGTV is primarily for making videos with your phone. I’m not gonna shoot videos on my phone vertically and bring to my laptop to edit it. I wanna get that shit done on my iPhone itself. That should be the whole purpose of IGTV.

This was not going to be a rant. But it turned out to be.


See you tomorrow.

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