This Is How You Can Be True To Yourself Every day.

This Is How You Can Be True To Yourself Every day.

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We spend our days in routine and never get time to reflect on our actions. The best investment you can make with your time is spending it on writing a journal every day. Write your story in that. Write how was your days. Write your darkest secret and the things you can never tell anyone. I maintain a journal daily highlighting day instances in my day.

You don’t have to write essays about your day. Just write about 10 bullet point. What time did you wake up? How was your mood in the morning? What kinda of work did you do today? Any significant achievement in the day? I have a digital Notebook in Evernote where I write daily. I prefer staying away from paper for two reasons. First, I am working on going paperless and second, I paper gets lost. Your digital notes are saved in the cloud and can be password protected. Take out 15 mins of your time daily. Either you can sit in a corner every night and reflect on your day, or you can write as your live the moments worth mentioning. Maintaining a journal is really fun too. Looking back at it after a year, seeing your journey.

Daily journal habit stimulates creativity as well. If you want and have time, write clean essays about your day. And maybe print a book after a year and share your story, your ups, and downs with the world. If you’re looking for what to write about and finding it difficult to initiate this habit. Check out this template and stay writing away on Evernote.

If you decide to use any other app like the beautiful Dayone app on Apple devices. Use the service and feed as many details as possible there. Like how was the weather, how was your mood, pictures, location, etc. All this can be added with a single click in the Dayone app. gradually you will realize other benefits of writing a journal. This will help you in your ability to set goals, manage projects, nurturing relations and most importantly be grateful to what’s around you.


See you tomorrow.

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