You Have 24 Hours In A Day. How Do You Spend 4 Hours In That Matters?

You Have 24 Hours In A Day. How Do You Spend 4 Hours In That Matters?

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Making the most of your day is a challenge for everyone in itself.

We go through our day not realizing what we are doing with it. Monotonous life is the worst thing that you can do with your body and mind. I was discussion productivity with my friend and were analyzing how do we spend our day. 8 hours of sleep. 8 hours at work. 4 hours of commuting, eating, getting ready, etc. all we are left with 4 hours. What do we do with those? Do we sit in front of a black mirror? (Not the series Black Mirror but on our mobile or TV.) For some Indian working wives, their routine is waking up at 5 am, making food for everyone in the family, packing it and leave for work. Coming back home after work, cooking dinner and sleep. Though that seemed like a dull routine and one may not see it as a productive time spending or fulfilling. But what matters is how is it making that person feel. If this routine brings happiness to that wife, good for her. Who are we to judge how her life should be or how she should be spending her life. Keep your opinion to yourself, nobody asked for it. However, if you wish to express your opinion, write about it. Write it as your story sharing with the world. Let the readers decide how do they relate to it. If they do, good for them. If they don’t, who cares.

4 hours in a day you have, spend them as you feel like.

I usually spend my 4 hours writing, watching tv, exercising a bit, organizing and occasionally meeting friends. That may feel to me as productive and to some, not so much. But again, who cares. Definitely, I would like to do more with my time. Like, go cycling a lot. Learn a new language or do a podcast.

4 hours with your family is one of the best investments you can make

Talk to your wife. Ask your husband about his work. Talk to elderly family members. That’s another insight to success, getting their insights. Get a perspective on your life through their eyes. No matter what you feel for each other. Maybe you had a fight last night. Maybe they’re mad at you for not being considerate enough. They always want what’s best for you. But still, maintain you’re boundaries.

4 hours of doing creative reasoning with yourself.

Sit and write about your day. Measure the actions you took throughout the day. Try doing reasoning with them. Embrace what you have and ask yourself,”How can I make myself better?”. Each step of the day make a conscious effort and take action back to analyze the situation that is in front of you. Learn about something new. Challenge yourself.

Big No No.

4 hours of office work. (X)

If you are doing overtime at work, then it merely means you don’t know how to manage time. If you cannot get your job done in 8 hours of work time, then you are doing something wrong. Ask any high performing professional, and they’d say they don’t spend more than 5 hours of productive work at work. It’s not about how much hard work you’re doing at work, but how many hours of smart work you’re putting in.

Life can be a bitch. Don’t let it get the best of you. Spend your time wisely. Spend on things that make you happy.


See you tomorrow.

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