Why I Use 2TB iCloud Storage

Why I Use 2TB iCloud Storage.

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Day before yesterday I discussed saving everything in the cloud. Cloud is the new way of storage. Best storage service is the one that is accessible anywhere. My workflow of organizing my work and home stuff on the cloud is pretty simple. If there is any document, it goes in my notebook on Evernote as well in my documents folder on my Mac which is then uploaded to the iCloud.

I keep my stuff in two places for two reasons;

  • I have set 2-step verification for my Apple ID. So if I don’t have any of my apple devices handy with me, I can just log in to my Evernote account to get the document using someone else’s mobile or laptop.
  • and the reason to keep it on my iCloud is quite simple so that it’s always on my computer to work on.

Best storage service is the one that is accessible anywhere.

Family Sharing

It’s a great feature by apple where I can share my iCloud storage with maximum to 6 people in the family. They can back up everything and then some in a single location and don’t have to pay anything extra as well.

Organizing Photos

I have more than 100,000 photos and videos on my phone. I use iCloud Photos and have set Mac and iPhone to optimize storage so that the files get saved in the cloud and not take much space. These photos then get synced with my iPhone, and at any point, I have all the pictures and videos on my iPhone. The best part of this that as you know I phone MacOS Photos app to edit images and after each edit I favorite them. That instantly reflects on my iPhone and have the edited photos at my disposal.

Note: use Wifi to check old photos and videos on your iPhone. It can use a lot of data because the iPhone will download it from the iCloud.

iPhone Backups

My family and I do our iPhone backup on the iCloud. So that I don’t have to worry about losing my iPhone or doing a manual backup if I wish to reformat my iPhone. I can blind format my phone, and everything will be downloaded again from the iCloud backup.

These 4 are the main reasons why I use 2TB iCloud storage. This mostly makes my life much simpler at times and increasing my productivity as well. The less I have to worry about my data, the more I can focus on stuff that matters.

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