Are you spending your time thinking about who did you wrong

So… Are You Spending Your Time Thinking About Who Did You Wrong?

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So I was driving to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, if you are not used to driving straight for 2 hours, then it can get a little annoying. My favorite pastime while driving is, Of course, listening to music and podcast. I alter between them both when I get bored with any one of them.

So finding parking in Abu Dhabi is a challenge on its own. After 10 minutes of looking for parking, I finally saw someone getting in their car to pull out. I put my car on the side with the hazard lights on. As soon as the vehicle moved, I took the car in front of the parking to do reserved parking(which is how you should do a garage parking). The next second I saw someone is parking their car in the spot. I honked a couple of times, but the driver didn’t pay attention. This situation if you don’t know can be really frustrating. After so much effort when you are able to find parking, and someone else takes it when it’s naturally yours.

So.. anyway, when the driver got out I confronted him claiming it was my spot. His defense was because I had my hazard lights one, he thought I was waiting for someone. I was waiting for the parking to clear. After spending 10 seconds trying to explain to him, I was not going to let him spoil my day because of this, and walked off to search for another parking. I did get parking in 2 mins after that.

So.. this whole thing may sound small, but because of these kinds of small instances, we spoil our day. You have better things to do with your day than thinking about the stuff that could have worked in your favor.

Shit happens.. Get over it.

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