Things 3 app review

Things 3 app review

Check out the review of the app Things 3 by Culture Code. I tried to use the app for a couple of weeks and loved. There were a few drawbacks, the two main essential features I am used to in OmniFocus was not present in Things 3.

1. Lack of Folders

I know they have Area section, but that can be treated as one folder only. I cannot put that Area in another area.

2. Cannot Add Attachment.

In OmniFocus, I add attachments to as many tasks as possible. However, in Things 3 you cannot add attachments to a task which is a bummer.

Only if Things 3 had these features, I would have switched from OmniFocus to Things 3.

Things I Liked in Things 3

  • The clean UI.
  • Option to add sub-tasks.
  • This Evening section

I think anyone who wants to get into task management would love Things 3 if they don’t add attachments that much. The lack of folders features is something that most of the people can let go. Someday I will share my workflow on Omnifocus.

Check out my video on Things 3 and decide for yourself if Things 3 is for you or not.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 20.06.04

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