5 reasons why I still use Evernote as my note-taking​ app

5 reasons why I still use Evernote as my note-taking app.

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When Evernote launched back in 2008, it was the first app of its kind. Since then it has reached more than 100 million users. Since the launch, they have added several new features but have increased the subscription price in the last couple of months. I have been a Premium member for 3 years. Many people have departed from Evernote for other note taking apps, and I thought of that too, but there are some of the other features that are more appealing in Evernote and not present in other apps.

Here are the five reason why I am still using Evernote as my primary go-to note-taking app.

1. Scan and Digitize Business Cards and other Documents

This feature makes my life so simple. I know other apps do the same thing, but I don’t want to use one more app when It can be done inside Evernote. I love that I can scan business cards and the information is automatically captured and stored in Evernote and also in my Contacts. The app also searches for that person on Linkedin and if its a match, the contact person will automatically get a contact picture and also you can send them your details.

There have been many times that I don’t have a scanner available for use; then I used to rely on Evernote for quick scans. But now I don’t bother about the scanner as I just scan every document in Evernote. And then the result is pretty surprising too, the app detects shadows and rectifies the issues to the scan for you.

2. Search in Documents and Attachments

This feature has been a great help to me when I know I have scanned some critical document but forgot to title the note. I can just type a few keywords that I remember in the document and voila, I can see my document in the search results. As I am in Sales, I always scan and save documents. And often it happens that I don’t get time to organize them properly. Be it a company’s relevant documents, customer documents, payment receipts, expense bills, proposals, etc. It’s a great feeling to know that I don’t have to worry about them once they are in Evernote.

3. Huge Evernote Community. Always Ready to Help.

Because Evernote is so big, the Evernote community always shares their tips and tricks on how they use Evernote to enhance productivity. I use several templates for my Sales processes created by Evernote community. This is not a feature but still is one of the reasons why I use Evernote.

4. Notes Accessible Offline.

No Internet? No problem. I always keep my essential notes downloaded for offline use. This feature is helpful when traveling or even if you’re in your city area where the connectivity is an issue. The notebooks that I keep downloaded the most important ones, like customer quotations and meeting notes. Even if the internet is not an issue for me, still I keep them accessible offline. I don’t want to wait for a file to get downloaded sitting in front of the customer.

5. Annotate PDFs and Presentation Mode.

These both features work hand in hand for me. I often annotate the PDFs like proposals for product brochures which I present to customers with a single click. It is a great tool to customize your PDFs as per customer’s requirement and present it to them. The customer feels essential and appreciates the process.

Above are not the only features I use in Evernote but are the ones why I still plan to stick with it.


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