Travel Series: 5 things I always do when traveling.

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In my traveling experience, I’ve traveled so far. I have realized a few traveling rules for me here and there which are essential whenever I’m traveling.

This is not a minimalistic approach to traveling. Maybe I’ll make a list like that in the future. We’ll see about that.

1. Get a Local Number

In my last travel to Denmark and the one before that to Sri Lanka and Thailand, I made sure I get a local SIM card with internet data irrespective of the number of days I will be staying in that country. I stayed just one night in Sri Lanka and still got a local sim with data from the airport. You will usually get good deals at the airport only. But it’s always advisable to do some research before traveling.

More than calling I wanted to data services to text chat with my family and friends back home, send pictures to them, share photos and videos on social media. Also, I don’t like to be dependent on anyone for anything, so while others were busy looking for a wifi spot or asking me to share the internet (which can be super annoying), I glided through the trip smoothly. Be it reading about the place, searching for a location on Google Maps or just surfing on social media in the past time.

In Copenhagen, I got a sim for 100 AED (~27 USD) with calling and 60 GB Data, I didn’t have to rely on my hotel wifi also. Usually, hotel wifi is shit and need to call them up to fix it. So getting so much data was a significant relief.

2. Stay In Good Hotel.

This tip can be taken in a wrong way as I used to believe that quality of the hotel room doesn’t matter if you are going to stay out anyways and only go back to your room to sleep. The good night sleep is essential and getting home to a room which is not as appealing as your trip can bring the whole morale of the trip down.

When I visited Thailand and Sri Lanka last year with my boys. We stayed in beautiful hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok, before coming back to Dubai from our trip we had a night stay in Sri Lanka we opted for a cheap option to stay. The room was not that great. Though we were only there to sleep and go out to explore the city in the morning. Still, the trip was affected by that. In Pattaya, we stayed at a beautiful Birds & Bees Resort and in Bangkok at the 5-star Grand Hotel Sukhumvit. Both were amazing in their own way, and we had a lot of fun. In Columbia, Sri Lanka we stayed in a Boutique thinking it would be a pleasant change which it was not. So irrespective of how many nights you’re staying in a city, investment in an excellent place to stay.

3. Travel With Minimum Toiletries

Everybody wants to look good on their vacation. That doesn’t mean that you need to pack a separate bag filled with toiletries. In any hotel, they will provide your basic toiletries and can be found in the bathroom when you check-in. If for some reason you do not see any, just ask at the reception and they will be happy to help you. I am only particular about deodorant, face and body cream and hair gel, rest I get at the hotel. I carry my own toothbrush and travel toothpaste, but that is to brush my teeth in the flight. Once I’ve checked-in, I just get it from the hotel.

4. Download Maps beforehand.

As I mentioned before, getting a Data Sim from the airport is easy. Still, I would advise downloading the map of the Country or City you’re traveling to save time and data. You will not get 60 GB data at a cheap rate in every country. You can download the maps using navigation apps like Google Maps or Here Maps. Another useful app when traveling is Google Trips. This app will automatically add Flight and Hotel details from your Gmail account and notify you accordingly. It will also suggest you things you can do, Day plans, Food and Drinks suggestions, how you can get around the city and stuff you should know about the country before entering like emergency contact numbers, hospital names, currency details, etc. and all this detail can be downloaded for offline use which is excellent.

5. Staying For More Than a Night? UNPACK.

I learned about this tip a few years back, and since then this is the first thing I do after I check-in. If I’m staying somewhere for more than a night, I unpack all my stuff and place them in areas they supposed to go. This is always better than opening for the suitcase for every little thing all the time. I keep my dirty clothes in laundry adequately folded. And when it’s time to check out, it’s actually much more comfortable to pack everything back. Before when I used to keep everything in my bag and open it every time I need a cloth or my deo or my slippers, in the end, I use to take everything out and pack again to check out. So unpacking everything on the first day helps to keep me organized and not get overwhelmed with packing stuff back.

I hope these tips will help you plan your next trip.


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