Life Goes on

Life Goes On.

Daily Blog two/365

You can feel the raindrops on your fingertips. It must be raining. You feel the window frame and make your way back to the chair. Slowly you feel someone is touching you. You can feel her fingers caressing your face. All you can do is smile and try not to cry because then she’ll know. It’s dark everywhere, you hold her hand and write with your finger,”H U N G R Y?”. You feel her head nodding in agreement. Squeezing her hand harder and double tapping to tell her to stay here while you prepare something for her. She grabs your other hand and writes, “I L O V E U” on your palm.

Fat and flour are all you need to survive. The taste of the food and its smell don’t matter anymore. The world is probably coming to an end. What is going to happen next? You don’t know and also in a way you don’t care. All you care about is having your precious loved ones with you as much as possible. You don’t know when will be the last time you feel something.

Life goes on

This piece is inspired by the movie Perfect Sense starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor.

A chef and a scientist fall in love as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions.

Saw this movie on Netflix thinking it would be a sci-fi thriller, but didn’t expect it to be a love story. I don’t feel like talking about what happened in the movie cause it can be a sad story. The part that really got me to write this is the climax. I want everyone to watch this movie and think about it. It will impact different people differently. I will share how it affected me, I couldn’t hold back my tears and imagine the what will happen in the future. The ending is terrifying and leaves you speechless for a minute thinking. It is like feeling all the emotions at once. Scared, Happy, Gratitude, Angry, Sad and hopeful altogether.

This is not a review, there were several loopholes and mistakes in the movie which I think are insignificant. Sometimes it’s not about watching a perfect directed/storyline movie but looking for a film which impacts us in a way we never felt. Life is what we make of it and getting from point A to B is what life is. Whether it be friendship, marriage, work or with acquaintances.

Not really sure what’s the best ending for this short blog.

Watch the movie.

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