BenQ GS1 :​:: Projector Review

The GS1 projector is not your ordinary projector. The unique thing about this projector is that it’s meant to be used outside. Best for late night picnics in gardens and camping. If you’re that kind of a person, then this is the projector for you.

The GS1 is smooth on the eye, physically. It ships with a remote control even though there are essential buttons on the top. Proper remote control is hard to lose than the other rectangular shaped thin remotes. Weighing less than 1kg with cute curves, its surprisingly easy to carry and setup. Adding the external battery adds 20 mm to its height but still manages to be portable. It has in-built speakers as well, but to have the full sound experience. It’s better to connect with Bluetooth speaker or remove the rubberized finish cover to enjoy the built-in speakers.


Clipping the battery adds a little weight and bulk to the unit, but it’s not that bad. Coming to the setup now, we faced no issue or difficulties while setting up the projector. Exactly the way we like it, simple and straightforward. Just switch it on (if the battery is charged), do the initial setup as you would with any android phone (the remote helps a lot with this process) while flashing it on the wall. It has an automatic vertical keystone correction which allows the adjust the image perpendicular to the wall. To furthermore change the angle there is a wheel on the front edge of the unit. Another wheel on the side is to focus the image.


The projector is drip proof thanks to the orange rubber cover and can even survive few splashes. Light output is rated at 300 ANSI Lumens, which is bright enough for an ultraportable projector. The image is 720p which is crisp and watchable, even in daylight conditions. The GS1 includes unique daylight, starry evening and campfire settings to different outdoor scenarios.

The orange rubber sheath into which the projector can be slotted is certified ‘drip-proof’ and can survive splashes from spilled drinks or even a light sprinkling of British weather. Short-throw lens means you can place it near to the wall to get a decent-sized picture.


The contrast from the DLP projection engine is claimed to be a creditable 10,000:1, while the image’s native resolution is 720p. Of course, this means it isn’t a Full HD projector. But this isn’t a big deal on a ‘casual’ projector that’s pretty much limited to 60-inch images.
The GS1’s connectivity surpasses expectations. For starters, as well as an HDMI for direct connection of, say, a DVD or Blu-ray player, it supports a powered USB port. It can use this to take streaming sticks such as the Amazon Fire TV.

Frankly, the GS1’s picture quality is better than I’d expected. For starters, it squeezes out every last drop of brightness from its claimed 300 lumens. This means its pictures can appear with surprising pop and dynamism when watched under night or even dusk sky. Also if the moon’s pretty full and you’re only projecting onto tent canvas.


Meanwhile, during dark scenes, colors tend to avoid the muted, flat look associated with more brightness-challenged displays. Colors look surprisingly natural, too, suggesting they’ve been tuned for video rather than PC playback. The GS1 also keeps to a minimum all the various noise issues that can be caused by DLP projection. Dark scenes aren’t plagued by green fizzing. Skin tones don’t suffer from dotting noise during camera pans. And the brightest image elements appear free of the golden RGB color stripes witnessed on many DLP projectors.

This lack of noise helps you feel more immersed in the action and more conscious of the projector’s impressive detailing and color purity. The unit comes with 2W speakers which sound actually good. Just remove the weatherproof housing, and the speakers pump out enough volume to satisfy a reasonably large viewing audience. The GS1’s sound isn’t disrupted by cooling fan noise either, despite its combination of smallness and decently high brightness. We noticed that its main weakness is its common black level response. The gap is most noticeable when viewing in a dark room.

You can buy GS1 right now for 1,999 AED.


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