SpiceKlub – Food Review

Hello Everyone, we are TEB – The Everday Brew, and we’d like to tell you something about our recent visit to SpiceKlub.

On their website, they say “Spiceklub is a theme based restaurant, the theme being Molecular Gastronomy. This place serves Indian food with a twist. The everyday recipes and the street food are presented in a completely different ‘Master Chef Style’ making it look all the more attractive. ”
Do you want to know how true is that? Completely. The food they served us had a twist and was delicious as well.
Before going to the menu, we would like to say one thing up front. We had the best Dal in Dubai here till now. There are no second thoughts in our minds on that.

They started our serving with frozen coconut water with rose caviar on top. It was refreshing and soothing with the softness of caviar that went well with the sweetness of the coconut water. Have it on the side because you won’t be able to finish it soon enough.

Next in the menu was Pani Puri served with their theme of Molecular Gastronomy. Pani was provided in test tubes with fillings, cutely in an injection and puri on the sides. Making pani puri yourself is always fun. We added fillers according to our tastes. From that, we gulped away to the next starters.

Next one was an exciting dish. Seasonal Fruit Lassi. We know that restaurants come up with interesting and concepts to make a hype, but very few succeed. A scoop of different flavors of seasonal fruits filled in a big spoon that tastes just like lassi is a rare experience to have.

Next in the line for us was Pav bhaji fondue. What better way to have pav bhaji cleanly with some style. Though we wouldn’t count pav bhaji as a side dish, it totally works. The crunchy bread from outside and soft from inside. The bhaji was perfect flavored too, not too creamy, nor too grainy with a layer a delicious cheese on top.

Entering into the main course with a variety of their specialties. Starting with Amritsari Vadi Alu and Dal Kabila. Pieces of bread were Lachha Paratha, Roomali Roti, and Garlic Chilli Butter naan. Everything tasted delicious and well presented.

In desserts, we had Flower Pot that is rasmalai and saffron mousse stuffed in a Belgian couverture chocolate pot, topped with chocolate soil served over a bed of pistachio soil.

Craving for more is what you will end up with.

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