Ayam Elezz – Restaurant Review

Ayam Elezz – A traditional authentic Lebanese cuisine restaurant situated in The Mall, Jumeirah Road – won our heart instantly.

This restaurant offers you a glimpse of historic Lebanon; it had a nostalgic vibe in all its elements from its vibrant vintage décor to the delicious food. As soon we entered the restaurant the music took us to the golden age. Not only that the place was full of antique collection like the gramophone, the vintage car models, the transistor, the old Pepsi- cola bottles, the television, the table fan, the old suitcase, the photographs of families from that period and so much more which gave us the feeling of an old Lebanese house.

They had both outdoor & indoor seating arrangement. We opted for the outdoor seating. Outdoor seating was mainly a smoking zone, shaded with thatch roofing, where shisha was served with a breathtaking the view.

We were pampered with delicious food. To start off, served with refreshing Lemonade Batrouniye that h traditionally made like in the olden days of Lebanon. Lemons and oranges were hand squeezed, and the strained juice was then frozen till served. It tasted delicious and refreshing, and unlike any lemonade, we would have had before!. The next was Ayam Elezz cocktail, It had a thick consistency, and was sweet and creamy in flavor though it was tasty, it was quite filling.


The hot and cold mezze was served on our table, presentation of each dish was stunning, and it looked very tempting! The cold mezze was served with fresh Pita Breads. Here’s a list of Mezze dishes that we tried:

Kebbet Lentil – It was an authentic Lebanese non-fried Kebbet. It was delightfully placed on the fresh lettuce leaf and was made up of lentil, borghol and tomato paste, topped with pomegranate sauce. Perfect for the vegetarians. Enjoyable and light.

Kibbeh Sajeyeh – It was made up of minced meat and bulgur. It was presented in four triangle pieces and glazed with nuts.DSC01500

Makanek – Lebanese sausages were fried with minced garlic and pomegranate molasses. Was good in taste but we liked other dishes more than this one.

Hummus Ayam Elezz – It was truly one of the best hummus we have had in a long time. The Ayam Elezz’s version of the famous hummus was quite unusual. It had a dash of chopped vegetable and seasoned with cumin and salt. A must try when you visit this place.


Fattoush – No one can go wrong with this one! It had a mix of fresh vegetables and greens served with fried pita bread and pomegranate sauce. It was appetizing.

Lebanese Mhammara – It had a perfect blend of chili paste, red bell peppers with walnuts and olive oil. It had a thick consistency. It was good but not the best of the dishes we tried.

Mixed grill – It was a platter served along with homemade fries and garlic dip. The most we liked in this platter was the boneless chicken. The chicken was soft and juicy, cooked to perfection just the way it should be. Even the fries were great.


After eating all this, there was no space for desserts. But the restaurant manager took the initiative and selected two mouthwatering desserts for us. Knefe with oozing cheese was warm and heavy. We couldn’t finish it but treasured how it tasted!



Last and the best part was the Sheesha, we were glad that we ordered one lemon mint flavored sheesha and it was one of the best sheeshas we had tried in a long time. This place stands a place in the list of best sheesha places in Dubai.

Special thanks to the restaurant manager who took the time and enlightened us the entire concept. And also Mr. Ali who greeted us with the delicious food.

This cozy Lebanese restaurant keeps the country’s traditions alive through its vibrant vintage décor to the delicious food. A must visit on your list of restaurants.

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